(Toetsho Gewog, alt. 2200m),

The Taktshang of east Bhutan, built on a cliff. It is located within the holy pilgrim site of Omba Ney, where the letter OM can be seen on the rock face. It is one of three unique holy places linked to Guru Rimpoche, the others being Aja and Hungrel where the letters AH and HUM can be seen. It is about 3 hrs walk from Nangkhar Gonpa, comprising a steep descent of 330 m, followed by a more gradual climb of 125 m. Omba can also be reached from Kheni village after a three hour climb. There are temples, caves and various sites of religious importance nearby. A short crawl through a narrow cave passage on the cliff above the lhakhang will cleanse you of your sins, while you can climb even higher up the cliff through a crack in the rock. There is a homestay and some good camping sites in or near the pretty village of Omba.