23 June 2022

A total of 26 male participants are taking part in a month long village skill development training on Domestic House Wiring which began on June 6, 2022 and will also undergo one week on the job training (OJT). Hon'ble Dzongrab Gom graced the opening ceremony at Yalang Gewog Center, Trashi Yangtse. The training is being in conducted by Technical Training Institute, Rangjung under Build Bhutan Project of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources in collaboration with Yalang Gewog Administration and Dzongkhag Economic Development Sector, Trashi Yangtse.

This training program enhances the sustainability of rural communities and also contributes in rural sustainable development.ย  ย  We are hopeful that communities will support and avail their skilled services.

Dzongrab Gom giving speechย 


The glimmer of happiness after successful execution of electrificationย 


Deeply immersed in wiring the electric ceiling fanย